Q. Why do you use multiple artist names?

A. People often ask me this question. To clear things up first, most of the artists you know stick to one particular style of music. I on the other hand, write many different electronic genres in my role as producer. Think about it for a moment, how many artists or producer do you actually know that write different styles of music? I guarantee that you have heard songs created by the same producer that have been published under different artist names. Ever heard of guys like “Max Martin” or “Dr. Luke” ? They write 90% of the songs you hear on the radio daily. You just don’t know it. That’s because they act in the role of producer, just like me. I’m not trying to be an artist, I do enjoy working as dj but I’m just more a studio guy I suppose :).

So publishing all those different styles under 1 artist name would’nt make sense. For example, I produced lots of hardcore/rave music in the past. I can’t mix these songs with the recent chill-out projects I’ve been working on.

When people see a certain artist (name) I use different names for each genre. There are also some projects like Chosen Few, defcon8, BW Project etc. which I don’t actively use anymore nowadays.

So here is a small map:

  • Active names:
    • Café Royal (Chill-Out / Lounge / New Age)
    • BWX (Dance / Hybrid Pop)
    • The Partymasters (Party / Dancefloor fillers)
    • The Dangerous 2 (Big Room EDM / Future House)
  • Inactive names:
    • Defcon8 (my demoscene alias for retro computer/synth music) 
    • Dutch House Works (Club trance)
    • Solar System (Trance)
    • BW Project (Trance)
    • Chosen Few (Early Rave)
    • Dj Psycho (Hardcore)

Q. Why can’t I find any of your older projects on this website?

As of Jan-2018 I actively produce music on daily basis and made a roadmap to my goals. Currently my focus lies on making “Café Royal” big. Since I worked on many different styles it was hard to make a website that accomplishes my roadmap. Many of those old tracks just aren’t fitting well in the specific image I want to bring out and I didn’t want to flood the website with some many old projects. This website will continue to provide you up-to-date information on new projects. If you want to look-up older projects you can always query my record release history at sites like discogs.com.