About me

I’m a Dutch DJ, musician, composer & producer from Dordrecht, The Netherlands. I produce a variety of electronic music genres under different artist names: BWX, Café Royal, Dutch House Works, , Chosen Few, Defcon8 (demoscene) & BW Project. I’m never afraid to try something new. I like to collect and repair vintage studio gear. Some of my work has been released on labels such as: Cloud9, Mid-Town Records, Blue Records, Neophyte Records, Psychik Genocide, Rotterdam Records, Mokum Records, Cenobite Records, Megarave and more. Besides my own productions, I also work regularly as ghost producer, mix- and mastering engineer for other artists through my own multimedia production company TMRRW Media.

Furthermore, I enjoy 3D modeling, software programming & Zen buddhism. I work part-time as software engineer & network administrator for a hard- / software engineering company. I studied music production technology at SAE (School for Audio Engineering) Rotterdam.

I follow a music theory course with Dutch media composer Joost van het Hoff (BUMA New Talent Awards 2017). I am focussing on deeper understanding of music theory and the art of writing score music for film and games.

How it all began

My music career began back in the late 80’s, when I started making music on a Commodore Amiga computer. My parents let me enroll into keyboard lessons at the age of 7 at the Yamaha music school of Dordrecht (NL).  I was rewarded by the “golden pencil” for my (simultaneous) keyboard and mouth organ playing at the age of 8. 

My career took off as resident deejay in one of the biggest dance clubs of Europe named “Alcazar Pleasure Village”. I played in many clubs in the Netherlands, but also performed on party’s in Belgium (e.g. Neverland), UK, Germany and Italy. DJ Partyraiser picked up one of my tracks and released it short after that on his personal vinyl series. The track gained big public, it was played numerous times by artists like Dj Paul Elstak, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Danny Firestone, Dj Gizmo, Delta9, Leviathan and more world wide.                                                

Later on my career, I was asked by Francois Prijt to join “Chosen Few”, a respected Amsterdam based formation in early rave/hardcore music mostly known for their releases on the legendary Thunderdome albums.